Course Designer 4 Updates

New minor versions of Course Designer 4 (i.e., Version 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc.) are released from time to time to fix problems that users encounter, or occasionally, to add a minor new feature. If you own a Course Designer 4 activation license, you can install these versions for no additional charge. The activation code you received when you originally purchased a license will continue to work with the new version. You do not need to uninstall the version of Course Designer 4 already on your computer, before installing the newest version. You will not even need to re-enter the activation code after you install the new version.

The current version of Course Designer 4 is Version 4.33.

You can determine which version of Course Designer 4 is installed on your computer by using the "Help / About..." menu item in Course Designer 4.

If Course Designer 4 does not appear to be working properly, please ensure that you are running the most recent version. If you aren't, please install the most recent version, and see if the problem still occurs. If the problem does still occur, please contact us and report the problem to us.

Even if Course Designer 4 is working properly for you, you may wish to install the latest version anyway, to prevent potential problems from occurring.

Main Changes in Recent Versions:

4.33 AKC-specific option checker enhanced to detect options of 23 feet at 45 degrees.
Wall jumps added to list of approved AKC obstacles.
All supported organizations: Links to rulebooks and judge references added to the Online menu and minor obstacle specifications updated to meet current regulations.
Obsolete obstacle removed for NADAC (Gates) and Hoop implementation revised to the current appearance.
Obsolete obstacles and help information removed for UKC (Wall Jump, Viaduct Jump, Window Jump, Platform Jump.
Barrel added to UKC obstacle set and new UKC class names added (Hurdles, Tunnels, Three of a Kind).
Barrel obstacles now supported for numbered dog paths (to use select barrel and rotate to indicate entry point of orbital path).
Technical support contact information revised.
Download Information updated for temporary Mac OS workaround.
Support added for Course Designer 4 running on other platforms (Linux, Chrome OS) using WINE-based technology.
4.32 Fix bug with course resizing introduced in 4.31 (affected tiling and restoration to normal size from maximize.
Collapsed tunnel and water jump removed from UKC obstacle set.
Table removed from FCI obstacle set. Adjust default collapsed tunnel specifications to current regulations.
Adjust following CPE obstacles to current specifications: Aframe, Wall jump (new). Note that new optional saloon door tire (aka European tire) can be drawn by setting the total width of the tire to 3 feet in the tire jump properties dialog.
Fix crash (004AAF48:xxx) caused by clicking on the color button before a new shape has been added to the course.
Fix bug in which CD4 courses saved to CD3 format can change round numbers to square numbers.
4.31 Fix crash C510AC:1064 caused by performing a "Save As" to a file still open in another CD4 window.
3D Camera positioning toolset moved to the left toolbar to increase vertical screen real-estate.
Faster access to 2D color changes with fewer clicks. including Create Color... button placed on the left toolbar.
New Shortcut keys: Ctrl-L for PCs and Command-L for Macs brings up the color dialog and once up, hitting the spacebar both applies the color currently selected on the palette and closes the dialog.
Add Online menu item for new HupAndRunning Facebook page.
Add toolbar button to view/hide the "hidable text".
Add UKI to supported organizations.
Aframe symbol adjusted to correct width for the smaller Aframe 6'8" sides used in UKC and TDAA.
Minor changes to accommodate revised USDAA and AAC jump heights.
When opening a CD3 file that was of type "NADAC or ASCA", default to whatever the last open file type was (if it was a NADAC or ASCA file.
Adjust position of path length displayed on a per obstacle basis to reduce chance of it being obscured by another path length or an obstacle number.
KC dog walk height changed (effective Jan 2019).
4.30 Fix crash in 4.29 after opening an already-open course.
Make .agl files be associated with CD4 more reliably.
4.29 Add long/broad jump to CKC obstacles.
Always use https instead of http.
4.28 Remove chute for organizations that have eliminated it (USDAA, TDAA, CPE) or suspended it (AKC, CKC, AAC).
Avoid a critical error message when a printer can't be accessed.
Fix error code C840FOC:336:0 on the Mac.
Fix a crash on the Mac.
4.27 Change inner AKC option checker radius to 15'.
Remove obsolete 5'11" USDAA A-frame height.
4.26 Fix a problem in which a disabled course window can cover an enabled course window that's displaying a dialog box.
Update Kennel Club jump heights.
Change default behavior for 3D text rotation feature, to help avoid poorly positioned obstacle coordinates.
4.25 Fix error code C840FOC:85:0 on El Capitan.
Use more default number of segments on easy-to-use tunnels.
4.24 Fix crash on El Capitan if a maximized window is closed.
Avoid critical error message when can't connect to a printer.
Avoid critical error message if zoom in during shape creation.
Fix sluggish drawing with GDI if there are lots of people or dogs.
Fix problem with printing multiple courses when CD4 isn't open.
Fix problem with receiving a course via AOL Desktop.
4.23 Fix a 1-bar jump drawing problem introduced in version 4.22 .
4.22 Automatically avoid flakey display drivers by using a different graphics system if an error occurs.
Always allow up to 40 open courses, even on old computers.
Avoid all hang error codes, which mainly occurred when printing.
Fix a crash on Macs with no internet access.
Fix error code C490FOC:220:5 when Course Designer is opened.
4.21 Fix a crash that occurred on OS X Yosemite.
4.20 Fix printing problems on computers with low-end graphics hardware.
Fix a crash that occurred on OS X Yosemite.
Always use open hands instead of fists on people from CD3 courses.
Handle display driver memory leaks better.
4.19 Fix critical error in version 4.18 when using certain dialog boxes on a tablet.
Improve handling of some display driver problems.
Fix a problem with reading Text shapes from CD 1 or CD 2000 courses.
4.18 Increase limit on number of open courses to 40.
Update USDAA long jump specs, again.
Fix two bugs, one of which can produce a "critical error" message.
4.17 Add viaduct and ascending spread jumps to AKC obstacle list, for ISC courses.
Update USDAA long jump and A-frame specifications.
Fix several bugs, two of which can produce "critical error" messages.
4.16 Reduce display adaptors problems by switching from OpenGL to Direct3D.
Greatly expand the set of characters that EPS output can handle.
Fix Tile not working with a large number of courses on a small screen.
Fix a problem with Illustrator with colored unusable areas in EPS output.
4.15 Improve visual distinguishability of AKC "option" indicators with colors.
Add NADAC gates and barrels.
Avoid perspective scaling of obstacle numbers, lengths and coordinates.
Add being able to print from within Windows Explorer.
Give an indication in the title bar if a CD3 format course file is opened.
On USDAA courses, use a slanted lower bar on bar jumps.
Fix an error message from the Color dialog box if the user sets Windows' dialog box font to be quite big.
4.14 Fix a critical error that occurs when viewing differences between courses that contain a CD3 style tunnel.
Keep maximum length and diameter information from getting lost when reading a CD3 style tunnel from a CD4 course.
4.13 Add CD 3 style tunnels back into CD4, while keeping CD4 style tunnels as an option. This includes both the "fixed angle" tunnel style, and the CD3 style of flexible tunnel.
Make saving courses in the CD3 format easier for new users.
Make "Map" be the initial default viewing mode, instead of "3D".
Avoid a menu-related critical error message.
4.12 Add a feature for optionally using a white background in 3D.
Add new USDAA jump heights.
Fix a couple critical errors that can occur when printing.
4.11 Avoid an error message with certain Intel HD Graphics drivers.
Give a better error message if Course Designer isn't installed properly.
4.10 Be more sophisticated about handling display driver problems, including letting the user choose what graphics system to use.
Avoid a "critical error" message on a Mac with no internet access.
Avoid course windows sometimes being enabled even though a dialog box is open.
Avoid a "critical error" message with some display drivers.
4.9 Fix color problem with multiple unusable area shapes on an EPS file.
Avoid a few "critical error" messages.
4.8 Improve print quality on the Mac.
Add single jump to FCI obstacles, instead of only having a 1-bar jump.
Avoid a couple "critical error" messages.
4.7 First generally available Mac version.
Remove disliked way of navigating between open courses, which has been replaced by the new "Window" menu.
Speed up printing on older computers.
Improve arm choice when saving a person to a CD3 format course.
Fix a few bugs.
4.6 Add a "Window" menu, with "Tile" and "Cascade" menu items.
Fix a problem with opening certain CD3 courses.
Fix a problem that occurs with a small number of Radeon graphics processors.
Avoid an error message when a computer isn't configured for HTTP.
4.5 Fix problems with printing and "Copy as Bitmap" on a few computers.
4.4 Add a new "Create/Open Courses in a New Window" menu item.
Make the window layout work better with small windows, such as when tiled.
Make usage tips mention the new menu item, and explain how to tile or cascade windows.
4.3 Fix a problem with the Copy menu item that was introduced in version 4.2.
4.2 Fix a problem with some CD3 courses losing shapes in CD4.
Fix a couple problems with colors.
Fix a problem that made CD4 unable to open on some computers.
4.1 Commercial release.

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