Compared to Course Designer 3, the biggest enhancement in Course Designer 4 is that courses can be modelled in 3D, enabling a virtual 3D walk-through of a course. But Course Designer 4 also has a number of other important new features, including:
  • The properties of multiple shapes can now all be edited at the same time. As examples, you can change the jump type of multiple jumps at once, change the style of multiple obstacle numbers at once, or change the font used in multiple Text shapes at once.
  • New viaduct and wall jumps that are different from a panel jump.
  • New NADAC obstacles: hoop, gate and barrel.
  • Up-to-date built-in obstacle specifications newly include those for TDAA, CPE and ADAA, and include NADAC and ASCA separately.
  • A new feature of dog paths finds “options” on AKC courses.
  • The tire jump and broad jump are now included in the list of jump types that can be changed between.

Course Designer 4 also includes a bunch of other smaller enhancements, but the above enhancements are the ones that were the most frequently requested by users.