Purchasing Course Designer 4 Licenses

The fastest way to receive your activation code is to purchase a license online with a credit card. Online ordering is now as safe as buying at a real store. This web site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to secure all online commerce transactions. SSL encrypts your credit card and other personal information to keep it safe from prying eyes. Even if you prefer to phone or fax your credit card information, or mail us a check or money order, please use this page to submit your order information first.

One License Per Computer
One activation license is required for each computer that Course Designer 4 will be run on in full-featured mode. By clicking one of the "buy it!" buttons below, you acknowlege that you have read and agree to the Course Designer 4 End User License Agreement. Although licenses cannot be moved back and forth between computers, you can get a free replacement activation code if your computer dies or needs to be replaced.

If You are Ordering Other Clean Run Products
Orders for Course Designer 4 activation licenses need to be processed separately from other items from the Clean Run store. If you would like to also purchase other items from the Clean Run store, please complete your order for Course Designer 4 licenses first. Then create your order for the other products you wish to purchase. The customer information you enter for the Course Designer 4 order will automatically be used for your other order, so you will not need to re-enter that information. If ordering with a credit card, two separate charges will appear on your statement -- one for the Course Designer 4 activation license, and a second for the other products you order.

Other Currencies
All sales are in US dollars, for the exact amounts listed below. However, you can use the "Other currency" links to determine the approximate price of a license in other currencies. (Note: If you have pop-up blocking software, you must disable it when clicking on one of the "Other currency" links.)

Request Code
Please enter the Request Code that appears when you open Course Designer 4 on the computer for which you want to buy an activation license. If you have not yet installed Course Designer 4 on the computer you want to run it on, you will need to download and install Course Designer 4 on that computer before continuing. After you enter your request code, select either the Full version or Upgrade version of Course Designer 4, depending on your situation.

Request Code:  

Course Designer 4 Full
Purchase this activation license if you do not own a license for Course Designer 3, or if you have used up your available upgrade eligibility.

Price:  $79.95      Other currency      

Course Designer 4 Upgrade
Purchase this activation license if you own a license for Course Designer 3. You are entitled to purchase one Course Designer 4 upgrade license for every Course Designer 3 activation license you own. The upgrade price is only for upgrading from Course Designer 3 to Course Designer 4; owning a Course Designer 4 license does not entitle you to buy a second Course Designer 4 license at the upgrade price.

Price:  $49.95      Other currency